Molecular biology and Virology

Molecular diagnosis based on real-time PCR

Viral load monitoring

Calculation of CMV viral doubling time

viral genotyping

Syndromic molecular diagnosis of Infectious Diseases of the Central Nervous System, respiratory, digestive and genital tract.

Bacterial genotypic resistance.

The Molecular Biology and Virus section is fully equipped:

Molecular biology
Automated extraction systems
Bio Robot EZ1 (QIAgen)
EZ1 Advanced XL (QIAgen)
KINGFISHER Flex (Thermo Scientific)
QIASymphony (QIAgen)
M2000 (Abbott Molecular)
M24 SP (Abbott Molecular)
Autoclart plus (Genomica)
HybridSpot 24 (Vitro)
Real-Time PCR
Alinity (Abbott Molecular)
PANTHER (Hologic)
COBAS Ampliprep/Amplicor (Roche)
M2000 (Abbott Molecular)
ABI 7500 RealTime PCR System
ARIA DX RealTime PCR System
BD MAX (BD Biosciences)
SmartCycler (Progenie Molecular)
Filmarray BioFire (Biomerieux)
QuantStudio 3 (Thermo Scientific)
QuantStudio 5 (Thermo Scientific)
LightCycler (Roche)